African-America Rhinoplasty In NYC

african-american-rhinoplasty-nycRhinoplasty in people of African descent in NYC requires a unique set of skills and understanding of the African American patient. Most African-American/black rhinoplasty (nose job) patients seek to improve the appearance of their nose without erasing their heritage and identity. Ethnic rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Kassir, is experienced in preserving African-American ethnicity while creating facial balance for his NYC patients.

  • What are some common reasons African Americans in NYC seek nose job surgery?
  • Lifting the bridge
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • Widening the nasal tips
  • Flattening the nose
  • Enhancing the profile
  • Breathing problems


It takes skill and sensitivity to achieve a cosmetic result that beautifies the face while respecting and preserving ethnicity.

There are technical challenges when refining an ethnic nose that deserve special consideration. A plastic surgeon needs to be aware of the fact that Afro-Americans often have a broader and somewhat flatter noses than Europeans. They also have thicker skin (as do Hispanics) and this makes refining the nasal tip more challenging. In addition, African-American nasal bones are comparatively short, requiring special care.


Watch Dr. Kassir’s ethnic patient’s nose job surgery after 5 days

What should you expect during your African-American rhinoplasty consultation?

Patients are advised to come to their African-American nose job consultations with as much information as possible. Pictures of your preffred potential final results are helpful during the consultation directing Dr. Kassir for your best results. Your nose will be examined to determine your unique features that may need corrections or reshaping to ensure long term stable results for your satisfaction.

Dr. Kassir will work to create the most natural-looking nasal transformations of your African-American nose, which will look and function better than ever before. Please contact Dr. Kassir to schedule your no-obligation African-American nose job consultation in NYC at his office clinic located at 799 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021.