Benefits of Revision Rhinoplasty

If you’ve undergone rhinoplasty, you’re probably in search of a more natural-looking nose. There are some who have undergone the procedure for medical reasons (e.g. deviated septum). In fact, cosmetic nasal surgery is a popular procedure for cosmetic or medical necessities. But what happens when a nose job doesn’t go as imagined? What happens when you come out and realize you did not get your ideal nose? Sometimes you may get only part of what you wanted! Revision rhinoplasty is the process of redoing. This process aims to fix the predicaments arising from prior rhinoplasty surgery(s). There are many benefits to fixing a nose job that didn’t yield to expectations.

The Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to fix previous rhinoplasty surgery(s). It’s a process that is able to reshape the altered nasal structure. This process can also restore the nose’s framework. A patient will sit down and consult with a plastic surgeon to identify their expectations and discuss previous surgery’s.

The process of a nose revision begins by finding a highly trained surgeon who specializes in advanced rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty revisions. Specialized plastic surgeons are trained to recognize the irregularities around the nose area.

How the Process of Redoing a Nose Job Works

NYC surgeons embark on a nose revision via two methods. The surgeon is able to determine what approach is yields the best results to each unique revision. The first is known as the closed method (endonasal). The second is the open method (external). In the endonasal, the plastic surgeon will make all incisions on the inside of the nose. The nasal structure is therefore molded from within. In the external method, the surgeon’s incision will be small and usually will be done from the bottom of the nose. Although the procedure is done from the bottom of the nose, the incision is undetectable. This latter method enables the plastic surgeon with a more enhanced access to the nasal structure as well as a better visual of the procedure.

The revision process calls for the sculpting of the underlying cartilage, and bone, in the nose. A surgeon uses cartilage grafts to support and rebuild a nose that has previously been operated on. In many cases, a previous nose job may have removed excess cartilage. In that case, the surgeon will be able to use cartilage from your ear. But, in many cases, cartilage is gathered from the septum.

Ideal Candidates for a Revision Nose Job

Anyone dissatisfied with the outcome of his or her prior nose job is a potential candidate for a revision rhinoplasty. NYC patients may be looking to partake in a revised rhinoplasty because of the aesthetics of the nose. After the surgery, they may be dissatisfied with the way their nose appears. On the other hand, the nose job could have affected their breathing mechanism. But it’s important to know that functional reasons, and aesthetics reasons, often exist together. A bad nose job most likely will affect both function and aesthetics.

Having a consultation with a revision rhinoplasty expert is the best way to know if you’re a candidate. They will be able to assess your expectations, your health, motivation and time between your last surgery and the potential one.

Average Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty

Putting a dollar amount on revision rhinoplasty is based on each unique situation. On average, nation revision rhinoplasty pricing starts at $10,000 and up. The best way to acquire an exact estimate is to sit down, one-on-one, for a consultation with a qualified surgeon. Costs are determined by factors such as: the method to use, the anesthesia, hospital stay may be required and the extent of alterations to fix the nose. Our offices also offer revision rhinoplasty financing for qualified individuals.

Outcome of Revision Rhinoplasty

The aim of revision rhinoplasty, apart from restoring nasal function, is to produce a better profile with much improved contour. The facial harmony you get makes a big difference to drawing attention to your best features. In fact, your nose can end up being your best feature!

With the closed procedure, there will be no scarring. With the open procedure, the incision is made beneath your nose. At most, the scar is a fine line that’s well concealed and fades over time. For more information about revision rhinoplasty in NYC, please contact us by filling out our contact form and and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you with more information.