Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

2 Jun 2014

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Am I an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty? This is a question many people ask themselves. If your nose is too big or small, has bumps, is crooked, bent, misshapen, out of proportion with your face, has very large or small nostrils, or you have chronic sinus complaints or discomfort due to injury, you are a candidate for rhinoplasty.

Although you may have one or more of these issues, or you are seeking a new look, a board-certified surgeon will have to approve that you are healthy enough to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. This is a serious surgery and your health is number one priority. Rhinoplasty is usually performed on men and women 18 years and older. At times, a parent or guardian will give their consent for their teenager to receive rhinoplasty. The nose develops up until the age of 15, so potential candidates for rhinoplasty that are between the age of 15 to 18 will need their parent’s consent in combination with the surgeons approval.

Many candidates for rhinoplasty are looking for an improved look. Making an appointment for a consultation is recommended to discuss options that are best suited for what you desire. The surgeon will go over details with you and guide you to what is best suited for your face shape and overall look.

Those who have experienced injury to their nose, have cartilage deviation, trouble breathing through their nose and problems sleeping are also ideal candidates. Rhinoplasty can provide nasal asymmetry and alleviate symptoms that may affect the entire circulatory system.

Recovery time differs for each patient. The time frame depends on the extent of the rhinoplasty surgery. When you wake up from surgery you can expect to feel groggy, tired, naseaus, discomfort, pain and tenderness. The surgeon will prescribe pain medication to eliminate pain and antibiotics to fight infection. Usually patients return home the same day. Driving is not recommended and alternative transportation is encouraged. Having someone drive you home or taking a taxi home are both popular ways rhinoplasty patients prefer to get home in New York City.

For the first few days after surgery your nose will feel stuffy, similar to when you experience a head cold. The stuffiness will cause you to breathe through your mouth. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself at home. It may include following correct dosage of your prescriptions, changing gauze, bandages and more.

You will want to schedule several days of rest immediately following your rhinoplasty surgery. You will need this time to follow your surgeon’s instructions, rest and recuperate from surgery. Many times a follow up appointment is scheduled to assure everything is healing properly and the removal of sutures may be required. Patients are usually capable of resuming their daily activities after seven days of recovery.

Benefits from rhinoplasty surgery include improved self confidence, improved breathing and sleep plus an overall feeling of wellness. When considering rhinoplasty, you will want to discuss your options with a board-certified surgeon and allow them to confirm if you are an ideal candidate.

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