Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty in New York City

middle-eastern-rhinoplasty-nyc-dr-kassirMiddle Eastern rhinoplasty is considered to be a challenging yet exciting procedure. When undergoing ethnic rhinoplasty, patients tend to be disappointed due to “racial incongruity”. This occurs when a plastic surgeon attempts to sculpt a Middle Eastern nose into an idealized version of the “Caucasian nose”. The end result is not-natural looking and causes dissatisfaction from the patient.

Dr. Kassir discusses “the golden ratio”, which essentially means that the patient’s nose must blend seamlessly into the facial structure. In order to achieve this, it requires the plastic surgeon to take an “ethno-sensitive approach”.

While there are certain commonalities among people of Middle Eastern descent, the plastic surgeon takes into account the nasal and facial features unique to each patient. Dr. Kassir is a sculptor by training, and looks at each and every patient as his canvas.

Dr. Kassir offers Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, including primary and revision rhinoplasty, in New York City. With years of experience and impeccable skill, Dr. Kassir is a true rhinoplasty expert. To learn more about the procedure and Dr. Kassir’s background in plastic surgery rhinoplasty see “About Dr. Kassir”. Feel free to contact us with your questions and to schedule a consultation.