Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Questions & Answers

16 Apr 2014

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Questions & Answers

Plastic surgeons perform nearly 250,000 nose jobs (medically termed rhinoplasty) every year. This is indeed a surgery—rhinoplasty requires anesthesia, IV medication, scalpels, and bandages. For many individuals in NY who rethinking of getting a nose job, the simple fear of surgery is enough to prevent them from improving the appearance of their nose.

Fortunately, there is a middle-ground when it comes to having a nose job. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is able to correct undesirable bumps or curves on the nose. This medical technique can also create a better bridge if your nose is flat, narrow, or scooped. You can have all of this—without going “under the knife”!

Do you have questions about non-surgical rhinoplasty? Take a look at our questions and answers below to get more information:

Q: How does a non-surgical rhinoplasty work?

A: Non-surgical nose jobs use dermal fillers to change the shape or contour of your nose. Specifically, Dr. Kassir uses Restylane, Perlane, and Radiesse. These fillers are carefully injected into the nose and then shaped to fit your desired results.

Q: Will I need a recovery period after having a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

A: Here’s a great answer—no! This medical technique can be completed during a brief office visit and you can go back to your daily activities immediately.

Q: Is there a cost advantage to choosing a non-surgical nose job instead of a surgical rhinoplasty?

A: Of course, a full surgery costs more than a procedure that can be completed in an office chair. The exact difference in the procedures’ cost will depend on your individual cosmetic surgery needs. Remember, a surgical rhinoplasty will also require more downtime and more time away from work.

Q: Will the results last?

A: The results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty will likely last one year. After that, you may need to return to the office for a repeat procedure.

If you still have questions about non-surgical rhinoplasty, feel free to call Dr. Kassir at his offices in New York at 212.288.3000 or visit his clinic located at 799 Park Ave New York, NY 10021. His friendly staff will be able to answer all of your questions and schedule a consultation, if you wish.

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