Persian Nose Jobs in New York City

20 Oct 2014

Persian Nose Jobs in New York City

Persian Nose Jobs in New York City

Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job, is becoming increasingly popular in the Persian community in the United States. The popularity of the Persian nose job began in Iran, where 200,000 people have undergone nose jobs in a population of 77 million. While the United States reports that about 221,000 nose jobs were performed in a population of 314 million. This makes the rate of nose jobs performed in Iran, four times the rate in the United States.

In Tehran, it is widely known that glamorous Persian women go about their day in public proudly wearing their nose job bandage across their nose. Some may even wear it long term, unnecessarily for more than a year. The bandage is often times seen as a status symbol, signaling that the woman wearing the bandage comes from a family who provides well for her.

In the United States, Persian women who undergo rhinoplasty do not proudly display their bandages, but the procedure itself is highly popular and becoming increasingly a regular and almost expected surgery among Persian women. There is a large Persian community in the New York City area, where there are plenty of plastic surgeons to choose from, for a rhinoplasty procedure. While it is convenient to just walk into any of the many plastic surgery offices and have a consultation, Persian’s will want to be more selective in choosing a doctor that is familiar with the Persian facial structure and have experience in producing impeccable results.

When searching for a plastic surgeon in New York City, you will want to conduct a careful search until you find the right one. Locate a few or even several possible plastic surgeon office candidates. Begin by asking each one if they are licensed in the State of New York and if the plastic surgeon has experience conducting nose jobs for Persians. Any doctors who do not have experience with Persian nose jobs should be immediately removed from your list of potential doctors. The one’s that do have experience, you will want to set up a consultation appointment. When meeting with the doctor you will want to observe the facility, making sure the office is clean and the staff and doctor are friendly and helpful, not rushing you out of the door quickly. Make sure all of your questions are answered during your consultation, including what your final results will be and the cost of the entire procedure. Also remember to inquire about the amount of years experience and education the surgeon holds. Many plastic surgeons proudly display their education and licensing documents on the wall within their office where all patients are able to view it clearly. If you do not see this, remember to ask for details.

One doctor in New York City that you will definitely want to consider is Dr. Ramtin Kassir. He is considered one of the best facial plastic surgeons in New York City and New Jersey. He is a triple board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon and is located in New York City. He has broad experience with Middle Eastern noses including Persian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Turkish, Iraqi, Isreali, Syrian and Jordinian. His own Persian heritage allows him to have a deep understanding of the needs of his Persian rhinoplasty patients. Dr. Kassir has been in practice since 1997 and has extensive experience in the fields of facial plastic surgery, laser surgery, endoscopic surgery and cosmetic surgery. His meticulous technique and artistry help to maintain his high status as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in New York City. Contact Dr. Kassir’s office today to set your consultation appointment.



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