Snoring Causes and Remedies: How Rhinoplasty Can Help You

1 Jul 2014

Snoring Causes and Remedies: How Rhinoplasty Can Help You


According to The National Sleep Foundation, approximately 37 million adults are chronic snorers in the U.S. Even after a full night’s rest, many people wake up feeling groggy and tired. This can make it hard to concentrate throughout the day, and may even result in falling asleep on the job or in the car. If you’re one of these people, we have some answers for you!

Causes of Snoring:

  • Obstructed nasal airways. As a result of allergies or a sinus infection, some people may snore. Additionally, a deviated septum or nasal polyps may cause obstruction.
  • Poor muscle tone. If the throat and tongue muscles are too relaxed they can fall into the airway, which results in snoring. This can be a result of a deep sleep, alcohol consumption, or the use of sleeping pills.
  • Bulky throat tissue. Being overweight can cause the throat tissue to become thicker. Also, children with large tonsils and adenoids may snore.
  • Long soft palate. A soft palate, or even uvula, can narrow the opening from the nose to the throat. When they vibrate, the airway becomes obstructed, which causes snoring.

Remedies for Snoring:

  • Lose weight. If you have experienced weight gain, the loss of excess weight can help your snoring if you did not snore before the weight gain. Weight gain can result in additional weight around the neck. This squeezes the throat, which makes it more likely to collapse during sleep.
  • Sleeping on your side. Lying on your back causes the tongue and soft palate to collapse in the back of the throat. Sleeping on your side may prevent this.
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption. Alcohol and sedatives reduce the resting tone of the muscles in the back of the throat.
  • Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the more promising and permanent solutions to snoring. It not only alters the shape of the nose, but the function as well. Rhinoplasty results in better health and a more peaceful night sleep for you and your spouse!

Hopefully these tips will help you to get a better nights rest!

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