Nostrils that are overly wide attract attention and take focus away from the eyes and the rest of the face. To make the nostrils smaller, portions of the surrounding tissue are removed through incisions beneath and inside the nose so there are no obvious scars. One of our certified surgeons offers wide nostril rhinoplasty surgery in NYC area.

One of the more common scenarios is a nose with a tip that is too wide or too round and a bridge that is also too wide. Correction of a wide tip requires careful reshaping and sculpting of the tip cartilages in order to reduce tip size and improve tip definition

More difficult procedures in a rhinoplasty is changing the shape of a nostril. it is important that the surgeon performs the surgery that both nostril match and equal in size.

Benefits of getting a wide nose rhinoplasty:

1. The nostril is too wide with long axis in a horizontal rather than vertical direction.

2. The nostril is too narrow.

3. There is an overhang of tissue along the superior border.

To correct a wide or flared nostril, we can remove tissue at the posterior aspect of the nostril before it attaches to the cheek or, at times, remove tissue from the nasal floor.

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